Amy Hovious

At the intersection of technology and people.

I combine my passion for academia, data, and staying ahead of technology trends while helping others and collaborating across campus.

Specialties: Communication with technical and non-technical people, leadership and management skills, quickly learn and adopt new technology, analyzing and synthesizing data while making it understandable to all audiences.

University of Illinois
Master of Science in Library and Information Science (MSLIS)

Data Curation Specialization (GPA: 3.84)   

Eastern Illinois University
Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB)

Computer Information Systems w/ concentrations in Programming and Networking, (GPA: 3.8)   

University of Illinois, Technology Services
2016 - Present
Lead Research IT Support Coordinator

·       Strategic Leadership for Research IT in areas of Support, Training and Outreach. Provide oversight and management of entire Research IT Support area and teams within. Actively seeking stakeholder guidance to balance priorities for all efforts in coordination with Research IT Leadership. Developed and implemented a variety of metrics based on vision, mission and goals.

·       Manage graduate student workers, allocated staff, and campus volunteers, forming a dynamic team

·       Led all project work to successfully build and implement Research IT Portal, the top priority project for Technology Services, 2017-18. Followed by successful administration and active work on growth and expansion of service, as well as completion of project plan for phase 2 development.

·       Coordinate all efforts and relationship with outside vendor for Research IT Portal development.

·       Designed top-notch, robust and dynamic cloud-based infrastructure with growth in mind for the Research IT Portal by closely partnering with and utilizing nationally known NSF-Funded XSEDE (The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) info warehouse resources.

·       Ideation of Natural Language Processing in Research IT Portal and staffed with Grad Student Developers

·       Continually build invaluable campus relationships with an eye towards bolstering existing services as well as identifying needs and creating new services for the entire Illinois research community.

·       Constantly explore ways to engage pertinent Illinois communities, including researchers, administrators, and IT Professionals.

·       Formed and lead advisory group with stakeholder representatives to help inform decisions for current and future Research IT offerings.

·       Work closely with internal Technology Services partners to build a successful Research IT Support service and presence on campus. Learned and leveraged best practices for project and service management as well as communications by working closely with those respective Technology Services’ teams.

·       Built and manage consulting programs for new Research IT consulting services in partnership with NCSA.

·       Realized and staffed new Research IT training workshops in conjunction with Scholarly Commons

·       Implement and apply data-driven analytics and metrics to guide decision making

2015 - 2016
Outreach and Communication Specialist

Part of Media Information Communication and Web teams. Focused on outreach to units across campus in regard to Mobile, WordPress, and Research Technology along with other initiatives. Created student advisory group to gather student input and help guide existing and new services.

2012 - 2015
eLearning Professional - Academic Technology Services

Part of the Emerging Technology and Classrooms teams. Focused on integrating new and emerging technologies into instructors’ curriculums.  Worked directly with a wide variety of faculty and researchers. Provided in-class instruction and support for emerging technologies alongside faculty. Helped transfer campus WordPress to CITES and became service manager of in 2014. Server Manager for legacy LAMP systems, developed & implemented plan for upgrades and eventual retirement. Supervised student classroom workers. A re-org led to the end of Academic Technology Services.

Illinois Marathon
2012 - Present

Responsible for all web development and web content for the Illinois Marathon. Coordinated efforts to migrate all static php/html content to WordPress.   

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Wrote chapter on “Technology in Communication” for the textbook, College English and Communication 10th edition

University of Illinois, ATLAS
Research Programmer – Lead User Support – Web, Application and Reporting Team

Determined user needs and requirements then translated into application features for primary programmer. Managed support and training team members to be sure quality service and support was delivered and met users’ needs.  Efforts included documentation, training, knowledge base creation, app testing & more. Suggested and created position because user support needs were increasing and not being met.

2006 - 2009
Research Programmer – Web and App Developer - Web, Application and Reporting Team

Developed custom web-based software for a wide range of projects both in groups and individually using, C#, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, project lead on various development projects with extensive requirements gathering, training and support. Supervised student and part-time employees.

2017 - Present
Research IT Portal

Led ALL aspects of the top priority project for Technology Services for a campus-wide effort with a successful deployment of Version 1 &  a developed and defined plan for Version 2 in progress.  Includes cloud-based infrastructure design, development, vendor relations, budgeting, planning, team building, campus collaborations, governance, marketing, national partnership and more. Managing all aspects of continued administration and support, as well as leading next efforts with a strategic plan and continued development for version 2 and beyond using direct feedback from Version 1.

Council of Academic Professionals (CAP)

Elected Representative for District 2, 3-year term, 2016.  Communications Chair, 2017 

University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee, (UPPAC)
Senate Executive Committee
2018 - 2019
Voting Member
Academic Senate
2017 - 2018
Academic Senator
IT Leadership workshop (ITLW)
Faculty Summer Institute
2012 - 2016

Committee Member, 2012-2016, Tech Lead for 2012-13

All Employee Expo

Planning Committee Member and AP Representative

Highlights - About Me
15 years of experience in Academia and IT
iSchool Graduate (MSLIS)
Breadth of knowledge of various tech solutions
especially as it relates to campus, research and data analytics
Depth of knowledge in key tech areas
such as web development, database administration, data analytics, cloud computing, and programming
Judge for 2019 HackCulture
Attended HathiTrust UnCamp, 2013
Critical Thinker and Visionary
Able to see the big picture while understanding the details
Advocate for All Stakeholders
of all skill levels and disciplines
Team Builder and Leader
Passion to motivate & build a leaderful community
Effective Communicator
Articulate clearly with people of all skill levels, technical and non-technical
Collaborator and Partner
Established relationships with campus, vendors, and national partners
Organized, flexible, and agile
Ability to expand and adapt, quick to learn and adjust
Aspire to grow and learn constantly
Interest in Semantic Web and UX/Usability
Technical Skills
Web and Database Developer